Meet the World’s First Wireless NES Controller – Play Games on Any Device


Missing the old days of the classic Nintendo controller? Inspired by the magical controller itself, the NES30 mimics the style of the classic design, while adding Bluetooth connectivity and dual joysticks to help you enjoy even more.

Compatible with all the different operating systems, the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is now available at a discount of 26%. NES30 is sold for $50, now available only for $37 at Wccftech Deals.


26% off NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

Replicating the style and giving a homage to possibly the most loved controller of everyone, the NES30 adds dual joysticks so you can enjoy modern gaming titles and have all the fun that you can no matter what the operating system. Connecting it to Windows or iOS, Android or Wii, NES30 has its own processing unit which means there would be minimal performance lags, if any. Charging with a USB, the NES30 is an incredibly portable controller.

Here are some more highlights of the portable NES30 gaming controller:

This sleek, powerful, and portable controller is your ticket to crushing through games on any platform like you once did on the original Nintendo. Don’t let the retro design fool you: from its compatibility with iOS and Android games alike to its ergonomic construction and lightning-fast CPU, the NES30 packs quite the punch.

  • Play your favorite games on different platforms: iOS, Android, PC, etc.
  • Connect & use multiple controllers in multi-player mode for iOS/Mac
  • Use w/ 3rd-party game platforms on Baidu, KO Gaming City, etc.
  • Take advantage of the high-speed CPU & zero lag time
  • Add expansions in the future using the upgradeable firmware
  • Enjoy the retro, NES-inspired design
  • Take anywhere due to its sleek, slim construction

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