Need for Speed New 1080p Screenshots Showcase Some Impressive Visuals

Archie Paras

EA and Ghost Games have released a new set of screenshots for Need for Speed, sporting some very impressive visuals with great amounts of detail, which go to show the incredible potential of the Frostbite engine. You can view the new images in the gallery below:


The PC version of Need for Speed is unfortunately delayed to Spring 2016

Ghost Games have recently announced that the PC version of the game will be delayed to Spring 2016, in order to provide the best experience of Need for Speed for the platform as an unlocked framerate, which has been one of the most requested features from the PC community. Ghost Games also explain that by taking advantage of the additional development time, they will deliver a higher visually quality for the PC version, with the addition of all the DLC that would be available for the consoles by that time.

Part of the conversation includes hearing from our PC community that an unlocked frame rate in Need for Speed is a massive priority for you, and we fully agree. To deliver this, we’ve made the decision to move the PC release date to Spring 2016. Our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release dates will remain the same, starting November 3, 2015 in North America and November 5 worldwide.

This decision on PC gives us the necessary development time to increase the visuals that we can deliver on PC. We will also include content updates that will have been released on console up to that time, making them available to all PC players from day one.

Need for Speed will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3, 2015 in North America and November 5 worldwide. The PC version will follow in Spring 2016. We will bring you any new information on Need for Speed as soon as it becomes available.

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