Need 32 GB of 3600 MHz RAM? OLOy has it for just $149.99!


OLOy's 32 GB RAM kit is currently on sale at, taking a whole $50 off the Price. This RAM runs at speeds of up to 3600 MHz. If you are planning to do some serious upgrades to your system or just collecting RAM, like me, then this might be the deal for you!

The OLOy 32 GB RAM kit is just $149.99, features a clock speed of 3600 MHz

This memory is designed with the enthusiast in mind, offering the ultra-fast speed of 3600 MHz along with the CAS latency timing of 18 to make sure that this RAM is entirely compatible on both platforms, Intel or AMD.  Along with the larger capacity and faster speeds, this RAM has been tested rigorously by OLOy themselves to make sure that their product can achieve peak performance across different motherboard manufacturers.

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The design of this RAM is unique to OLOy's Warhawk series of RAM, being a more winged structure that offers numerous advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of this RAM design is the ability to have components going just above the RAM's lowest point, offering more compatibility than some of the larger CPU coolers or liquid-cooling tubing. One disadvantage of this RAM is the compatibility with a radiator that is mounted to the top of some cases, as some cases don't offer enough space to have both this RAM's winged design along with a wider radiator.

Another fantastic feature that this RAM offers is the RGB design, which goes along the length of the RAM. These RGB lights are completely controllable through your motherboard RGB software, allowing this RAM kit to be perfectly synced with the rest of your system's lights.

The power efficiency of this RAM is outstanding; the OLOy, 32 GB RAM kit consumes less power and generates less heat than other 3600 MHz RAM kits making your system run cooler overall.

Now 32 GB of RAM is overkill for a gaming PC, still for some programs that content creators use, the more substantial amount of RAM offers much better performance making this a potentially necessary purchase for a streamer/content creator.