Nathan Fillion Uncharted Fan Film is Quite Amazing; Watch it Now

Aernout van de Velde
Uncharted Nathan Fillion

It’s not an official movie, but this live-action Uncharted fan film featuring Nathan Fillion shows how a proper movie adaption of the popular gaming series could be done.

Fans have been hoping for an Uncharted movie starring Fillion as Drake for quite a while, and following Sony’s official Uncharted movie announcement back in 2009, the actor even expressed his desire to play Drake through Twitter.

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Since then, the official movie has been delayed multiple times, and it's unsure whether the movie will ever be released at all (there were talks of a movie starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, though).

Apparently, Fillion and his team couldn’t wait any longer and decided to make their own short movie adaption. Nathan’s best friend and mentor Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan is played by Stephen Lang – the actor behind Col. Miles Quaritch from Avatar, the blind man in Don’t Breathe, and Waldo in Into the Badlands.

We’ve included the 14-minute long fan film below.

The result is quite amazing and shows how a proper Uncharted movie should be done. For those who don’t know Nathan Fillion – he’s the Canadian actor starring in Castle, Firefly, and Two Girls and a Girl.

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