MSI’s Optix MAG251RX 24.5″ Esports Monitor With 1ms, 240 Hz & 1080p Panel Unveiled


MSI has just announced its new Optix MAG251RX, a flat-screen monitor that is designed to be the best monitor for eSports players by offering both an incredibly high refresh rate of 240 Hz along with providing the latest NVIDIA G-Sync compatible technology.

The MAG251RX is designed to be the best monitor for eSports players!

This monitor is built around the fantastic IPS panel with a VES certification of HDR 400. This monitor also has LED lights powered by MSI's software of mystic Light. The features of MSI's MAG251RX 24.5" monitor include:

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  • G-Sync
    • With this monitor supporting NVIDIA's latest G-Sync support, this monitor is one of the first MSI gaming monitors that use this fantastic technology. The Optix MAG251RX can make some fantastic tear-free visuals.
  • Fast refresh rate
    • This monitor has an amazingly fast refresh rate of 240 Hz and a 1 ms response time. This will give most eSports players a very competitive edge, allowing them to react to enemies much quicker.

  • HDR 400
    • This IPS panel offers amazingly wide viewing angles and optimizes the screen colors immediately, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) display can deliver better color accuracy and better visuals.
    • HDR 400 offers a the sRGB range of color and having a minimum peak luminance of just 400 cd/m squared.
  • Gaming OSD App 2.0
    • The MSI Optix MAG251RX also offers support for the Gaming OSD app. This allows for much more customization of the screen settings.
    • This software offers control of the monitor from the computer itself, removing the need for the buttons on the back.
    • This software allows for the user to use in-game hotkeys to adjust settings while gaming, this normally makes it hard to use
    • The Night vision feature of this app just recently got added into MSI's monitor configuration software.
      • This features smartly computes so that the details in the dark area of the screen so the brightness can be amplified. This is opposed to brutally brightening to the whole screen and causing some areas to overexpose.
  • Connectivity
    • This monitor offers some fantastic connectivity, having one DisplayPort 1.2, also having two HDMI 2.0 ports, along with one USB Type-C with DisplayPort alternate.
    • This monitor also comes with a USB hub providing one USB 2.0 Type-B port, and three USB 2.0 Type-A port.