MSI Z77 Series Mainboard: Leading the Global march towards 7GHz

The Z77 series mainboard released by MSI is equipped with Military Class III components, and has met 7 rigorous testing standards conforming to MIL-STD-810Gvia third-party laboratories, certifying it for the best quality and highest stability! Equipped with a Hybrid Digital Power design, it allows voltage options to be more precisely adjusted, providing a more stable power source that can achieve a higher overclocking result.

Equipped with Intel’s 3rd Gen Core processor, its overclocking potential is astounding: using the MSI Z77A-GD65 mainboard, the i7-3770K processor can successfully be overclocked from the default speed of 3.5GHz up to 7GHz, with a 200% overclocking margin! In addition, MSI’s Z77 series mainboard exclusively integrates the UEFI BIOS and Windows application into one unified interface: Click BIOS II. MSI Z77 series mainboard leads global users towards an all-new overclocking realm with unlimited possibilities!


Military Class III components and Hybrid Digital Power anchor the most stable overclocking platform!

MSI’s Z77 series mainboard uses Military Class III components, which have passed 7 rigorous tests meeting MIL-STD-810Gstandards as tested by third party laboratories. Military Class III features DrMOS II and Double Thermal Protection, which provides active protection from component damage under extreme conditions. Two levels of thermal prevention are present: when the temperature reaches approximately115℃, a LED indicator on the mainboard will light up as a reminder to monitor the MOSFET’s cooling status, and when the working temperature reaches130℃, the mainboard will automatically shut down to prevent damage from excessive thermal conditions. Along with Hi-c CAP, SFC and Solid CAP components, MSI’s Z77 boards allow users to enjoy the best quality. The Z77 series mainboard also features a Hybrid Digital Power design that, when compared to traditional power modules, can adjust overclocking-related power supply options with more precision, providing a more stable power source to achieve a higher overclocking result.

Click BIOS II provides a friendlier overclocking experience.

Click BIOS II is the world’s first utility tool that integrates UEFI BIOS and Windows application into a common interface, allowing usage of mice or LCD touch panel control for system adjustment under different environments. It is the industry’s most convenient system control experience. Click BIOS II is also the world’s first BIOS featuring overclock setting export via USB flash drives, allowing overclocking enthusiasts to share profiles with other users or upload them onto the internet.  The detailed graphical interface helps users easily understand and monitor overall system conditions, making the overclocking experience more efficient and intuitive.

OC Genie II: The easiest overclocking tool on the market with support for the next generation PCI Express Gen 3 specification

MSI’s exclusive OC Genie II technology only requires 1 second to produce an amazing jump in performance. With the push of a button, it simultaneously increases the CPU, iGPU and memory performance. MSI’s Z77 series mainboard also features support for the newest PCE Express Gen 3 specification, and is able to provide a staggering 32GB/s bandwidth that is double the previous generation, achieving a better user usage experience.

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