MSI Unleashes Full AMD X570S Motherboard Lineup Featuring ACE, Unify, Carbon, Edge, Tomahawk & Torpedo Models


MSI has finally unleashed its entire range of AMD X570S motherboards including the latest flagship, the MEG X570S ACE. The lineup consists of seven motherboards which we have previously seen in teasers.

MSI Unveils Its AMD X570S Motherboard Lineup Featuring MEG ACE, MEG Unify, MPG Carbon, MPG Edge, MAG Tomahawk & MAG Torpedo

MSI already launched two of its MAG X570S series motherboards, the TOMAHAWK WiFi MAX & the Torpedo MAX back in June. The motherboard manufacturer is now all set to expand its lineup with even more high-end models within the MAG & MEG segments. Following is what MSI's X570S board lineup is going to include:

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So coming to the models that we have on display, we first have the flagship MSI MEG X570S ACE which rocks an all-black design with gold trims. The new ACE is a massive update over the previous model as it rocks bigger heatsinks, quad M.2 slots, and a larger I/O cover with an embedded dragon logo that lits up with RGB LEDs. The X570 PCH is passively cooled this time and you also get 8 SATA III ports instead of just four on the older X570 ACE motherboard.

The motherboard packs a brand new 16+2 phase direct delivery solution for the MSI MEG X570 ACE and insane amounts of overclocking performance for the memory and CPU. The I/O also looks very solid with an insane amount of USB 3.2 ports, and tons of other options. This motherboard should cost a high premium though over $500 US.

The MSI MEG X570S Unify rocks an all-black design with a massive heatsink with heat pipe technology covering the VRMs, 5 M.2 slots, and a simply stunning looking design which you could expect from the Unify series. The motherboard also comes with 16+2 phase power delivery and has two DIMMs that are dedicated to insane amounts of overclocking. We have already seen the MSI MEG X570S Unify-X MAX motherboard hit an Infinity Fabric clock of up to 2.85 GHz on LN2.

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The MSI MPG X570S CARBON features a black and grey design and also goes fully passive along with improved 14+2 phase power delivery, massive heatsinks over the VRMs, a Quad M.2 interface, & tons of other features. And to top it all off, MSI & EK are also working on a liquid-cooled variant of the MPG X570S Carbon known as MPG X570S CARBON EX K. This will be a fully custom variant featuring an EK X water block attached to it for premium custom loop liquid cooling.

Lastly, we have the MSI MPG EDGE MAX WiFi which rocks a 12+2 phase power delivery, and a triple M.2 heatsink solution along with a full black aesthetic which looks great. There's a subtle amount of RGB LEDs hidden underneath the PCH heatsink but you are getting a good amount of features at a great price.