Motorola Moto X Backplate Options Include Wood, Fabric and Ceramic

Rafia Shaikh

As we did an earlier post on the details of Motorola Moto X, its specifications, leaked updates and release dates, here is something else that we have just learned about: the varieties of Moto X's backplate. We are still not sure about how authentic this particular rumor is. The speculation goes that Moto X will offer various materials for its back plate including wood, fabric and ceramic.

Android and Me founder, Taylor Wimberly is claiming that though plastic would be the default option for the backplate, there will be other options in the pool too. According to Taylor, when the device launches - somewhere in late August - it would also be available with wooden backplate apart from the regular plastic. After the Moto X launch, other options for metals, fabrics and ceramics will supposedly become available as well. Android and Me chief, Wimberly, also claims that the devices releasing from AT&T will be getting some exclusive treatment, but he is not yet sure what would be included in that exclusive treatment or package.

As always when the official announcements and release dates are delayed for this long, rumors spin and spread a lot; half of which are certainly not true. But then, we cannot discard the other half, right? However, it is true that a lot of rumors and speculations have specifically focused on the customization that Motorola would be offering with its new flagship smartphone. There would be a large array of colors along with the recent reports of laser engraving options available for the backplate of Motorola Moto X.

More colors, engravings and now different Motorola Moto X backplate options, especially, wood and ceramic would just take the look of this device to a new level. But let's keep the excitement to the time when we actually see this beauty? And also, let's hope that Motorola doesn't overdo it, since playing with designs, fabrics and ceramics could really be tricky.

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