Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked

Jul 12, 2013

The Last 24 hours have been a flurry of leaks of the much anticipated Google Flagship Motorola Moto X . Leaked roadmap from Verizon indicated the Moto X to have a release date of somewhere in August. If rumours are to be believed the date is 'August 23'.

Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked

Leaked Specs indicate that Google’s Flagship Smartphone will have a 720p OLED display ranging anywhere from 4.3 to 4.7 Inches. It is also rumoured to have NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wifi and Dual Antenna. As of yet Reports indicate that it will ship with Android 4.2.2, though it might be Android 4.2.3.

Moto X Video

Recently leaked footage shows Motorola Executive wielding the Moto X itself. For the the complete video head on to his Google Plus page. Though the video is not very clear the device in the hands of the executive is obviously the Moto X compared to the previously leaked photos of the same.

As we wait for the Official Unveiling of the Motorola Moto X, it seems that Google’s New Flagship will be provided a huge 500 million dollars worth of funds for its marketing campaign. Since Motorola has been acquired by Google Inc the Moto X has been awaited as the leading standard in next generation smart phones and early reports support the claim. Now that it has come to light that Google is dishing out upwards of 500 million dollars to market the Moto X, it raises interesting questions about the phones design, performance and price.

Rumours indicate the Moto X to be priced upward of 599 $ (Contract based price will be considerably
lower rumoured to be around $199) and to have quite a handful of new features. It appears that the Moto X will be “contextually aware”, meaning that it will be aware of its surroundings; the Moto X will know if you are in a car or walking on the road.

It also raises the interesting question whether Google is spending 500 Million dollars to Market Moto X or save a flailing company it recently acquired. This massive figure compares with the yearlong spending of Apple (333 Million) and Samsung (401 Million).

The Moto X will also be free of bloatware apps or at least have a massively reduced quantity. It will even have laser engraving and case customisation options. The specs of the Moto X are rumoured to be equivalent to Google Nexus 4, not counting the new and mysterious ‘surrounding’ sensors.

The hype around Google’s new flagship is beginning and though reports indicate nothing to the contrary it better live up to the hype.