Motorola DROID 2 is THE BOMB, for real!

So for a long time I have heard stuff like Cell Phone's will give you cancer and back in 2006 there was a virus where a person would pick up a call and a high frequency pitch would melt a persons brain (yes this was an ACTUAL incident here) but this is perhaps the first time where I am actually shown that using a cell phone especially a HIGH end cell phone at that can cause a person to bleed.

Apparently an unfortunate DROID 2 user heard a weird pop sound from the speaker of the phone while making a call but he didn't realize the damage until blood dripped down to his neck. Instead of rushing to the hospital first he rushes to his wife at her work place, has her take pictures of the phone and the damage it caused and then rushes to the emergency room receiving 4 stitches in his ear (painful) and after all that happened I am amazed at 2 things

  1. The explosion didn't affect the persons hearing in the SLIGHTEST
  2. The DROID 2 is STILL operational even after the small explosion

I can hardly believe that such a thing can ACTUALLY happen. Let's hope this doesn't become a common occurrence otherwise using one of these phone can be a REAL health hazard.

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