New Mortal Kombat footage shows King of the Hill mode, a bonus online feature

Mortal Kombat, it has already leaked on the PS3 with no download available yet but that hasn't stopped WB and NetherRealm studios from releasing a new trailer showing a new mode in the game, the name of the game (type) is King of the Hill, and it's more fun and interactive that it actually sounds.

What is ordinarily known as theater mode in many games has been revolutionized by Mortal Kombat, imagine you and your opponent watching the matches not by yourself by friends and strangers, imagine that people actually get to chuck tomatoes at a the screen at that pathetic player who spams Mileena's knives or Scorpions Rope well with the King of the Hill mode you can show off your gaming skills to friends and strangers across the world, get ratings for said videos and as an added bonus for the 360 version you can bring your XBOX Live avatar into the ring (the spectator ring not the fighting ring)

This is a pretty interesting mode, it definitely hasn't been done before in a game recently and I should say that this should have been a feature in the recently Released Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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