How to do Freddy Krueger X-Ray Stage Fatality Fatalities and Babality

Freddy Krueger is now available for purchase on PlayStation Store and XBOX Live Marketplace but in case you just unlocked him and are wondering how to do his fatalities, stage fatalities and babality here is a handy guide on YouTube which shows the moves being and the buttons and distance necessary for the attacks, so sharpen those claws and get ready to unleash hell on your opponents with the king of nightmares hunting down the Kombatants one by one in his goal to defeat Shao Kahn

Did you just buy Freddy Krueger off PlayStaion Store / XBOX Live Marketplace and are wondering how to do his stage fatalities / Fataltity (including second fatality) and his babality? the video below is very helpful as it tells the buttons combinations necessary along with the distances necessary for the fatalities, the same buttons can be used on the PlayStation by substituting the buttons on the controller i  . e X on XBOX 360 is Square on PS3 and A is X is on PS3 etc.

I for one like the job they have done on Freddy, his X-Ray is good but not the best (in terms of gore) , his fatalities suit him PERFECTLY and his babality is just too funny to not watch or do to another Freddy.

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