Monster Hunter World Becomes The Fastest CAPCOM Game Ever To Ship 6 Million Units

Alessio Palumbo
Monster Hunter

CAPCOM announced earlier today that Monster Hunter World has shipped six million units so far. It also became the fastest CAPCOM game to do so.

As of today, the cumulative franchise sales now amount to over 46 million units. The press release also mentions further growth plans for Monster Hunter.

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Beginning in the spring of 2018 Capcom plans to hold qualifying events in seven areas across Japan leading up to the Monster Hunter: World Kariou Playoffs, which will determine the top hunter in the country. What's more, Capcom will roll out further cross-industry initiatives to increase long-term brand value and capture an even wider fan base, such as with a Hollywood film adaptation of the series and the Monster Hunter: The Real attraction currently running at Universal Studios Japan.

Monster Hunter World launched a couple weeks ago and Kai's review pointed out that it's a great choice for those looking for an action RPG.

Capcom’s first full-fledged Monster Hunter on the latest generation of consoles (with PC to follow later this year) is among one of the strongest sequels to any RPG I’ve ever played. Nearly every quality of life improvement works out in World’s favor and makes the experience more immersive and accessible, rather than trying to dumb it down for a newer audience (I certainly won’t miss trying to knock out a Fatalis with an orange sharpness hammer just because I was an idiot that didn’t bring enough Whetstones). We’re only just in the first month of 2018 and already I can claim that Monster Hunter World might very well be my own personal Game of the Year.

The game will be available in Fall 2018 for PC, with CAPCOM mentioning that they need more time to make it right for the platform; meanwhile, there are no current plans to release this title on the Nintendo Switch.

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