ModiFace Just Introduced A Way To Use ARkit For Applying Make-up In a Very Easy Manner

Zarmeen Shahzad

ARKit is a framework introduced in iOS 11 by Apple that allows users to created augmented reality experiences on the iPhone and iPad. Various ARkit demo apps have come to the market and latest one is something that I find very interesting. It is by a developer called ModiFace, who has specialized in augmented reality apps for the beauty industry. This new app shows how trying on lipstick can become a whole lot easier.

ModiFace easy Make-up application

What this developer basically did is that they put two videos together to explain how the technology works. In the first video a woman is shown who makes a front-facing video of herself. While she does this, the app applies different shades of make-up. Later on the woman can go through various images and the product used in those particular images will be displayed above.

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In the second ModiFace video the same method is done and it creates a virtual make make-up counter with different products displayed. In this part as well, the image of the products plus the image of the woman with the digitally applied product can also be seen. According to ModiFace users can easily examine and judge the results by just walking closer to the AR image.

According to the developer, “Users start with trying on different beauty products on their own video through ModiFace’s iOS app. From there, once a selection of products has been made, they can then instantly see their products, product reviews, and product simulations on their own photo rendered as a virtual beauty counter. Users can walk close to the counter to zoom and view specific product visualizations or features. For example, to see the details of a lipstick, they simple walk closer to their photo and move their devices closer to a virtual lip.”

According to the company it will be conducting tests with a number of partners in the next few weeks. Watch the videos below to get a clearer idea of the product. What are your views about this piece of tech?

News Source: Latest cool ARKit demo shows live preview of lipsticks, virtual make-up counter [Videos]

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