Nike Fit Uses AR to Help Users Determine Shoe Size

Ever since the widespread of availability of services such as ARCore and ARKit, companies have been increasingly using them to help users determine the dimensions of a wide range of products including furniture, cars and now, footwear. Nike will soon support augmented reality into its online shopping process, allowing users with compatible smartphones to determine their shoe size while shopping. The service is called  ‘Nike Fit’ and it uses a mix of data, algorithms and measurements to help shoppers find just the right-sized shoe. According to Nike and industry research, about 60% of all people wear the wrong size shoes, and Nike wants to bring that number down.

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To get started, simply install the app on a compatible device navigate to a product listing. Over there, you’ll be presented with a new feature that allows you to use the AR sizing process. The app will use your camera, which will ask you to stand next to a wall. The measurement process will take about a minute, according to Nike. The process is a one-time thing as the can be saved into users Nike. There's also the option to re-measure if needed. Nike store employees will also be able to look at your shoe size using an app-provided QR code.

The app is also capable of determining how different shoes are designed to fit. That means a pair of Nike Air Max shoes will be recommended at a different size than Free runners. It is essential as each pair of shoes are designed uniquely and may fit differently on different feet sizes. Nike Fit can even tell you if one foot is larger than the other and recommend a size accordingly. Nike Fit will hit all major app stores in July. The initial launch will be in the US, with the European market to get the feature by the end of 2019. Does this mark the end of the time-tested Brannock Device? Probably not. AR-based measurement is prone to errors and the results may not be as accurate as measuring feet manually. But, they'll go a long way in helping users order shoes online. It essentially eliminates a trip to the store as you can get an approximate shoe size in less than a minute.

News Source: Engadget

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