Minecraft is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Next Month


Microsoft’s Inside Xbox shows are usually packed with Xbox Game Pass reveals, but the most recent one, broadcast last evening, only featured a single announcement. Ah, but it was a big one – Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month. We all expected this would happen eventually, given Microsoft own Minecraft, but it’s still a pretty big deal. Of course, those who play Minecraft through Game Pass will get all the same content and updates as those who buy the game through regular channels.

Xbox Game Pass members can soon join the Minecraft community of millions of players from around the world. Discover limitless ways to play and create anything you can imagine. Try to survive the night alone or share your adventure with friends in both split-screen or online multiplayer. Build anything you can think of, explore your own unique overworld, discover mobs (both creepy and cute!) and play your Minecraft adventure your way!

Plus, with Minecraft´s free content updates, you´ll always find new environments to explore, tools to create, and mobs to meet. Last summer, the Update Aquatic filled Minecraft´s oceans with new items, blocks, and mobs like Turtles and Dolphins, and the upcoming Village & Pillage update will expand the game even further later this spring. There´s no better time to bring Minecraft to Xbox Game Pass!

Last evening’s Inside Xbox show served up some other noteworthy news, including the long-awaited announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC.

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Xbox Game Pass grants players access to more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for 10 bucks a month — you can check out a full list of available games here. New subscribers can get their first month of Game Pass for only $1.

Minecraft hits Xbox Game Pass on April 4. Here are some other recently-announced Game Pass titles.