Microsoft’s Windows 10 Could use Subscription-based Model


As an alternative of going through the typical model, Microsoft’s intended new release of Windows 10 could use subscription-based model. As hinted by Microsoft that Windows 10 is going to release next year, a subscription model can allow people to buy the agreement where they have to pay a certain amount of money every month to keep on using the windows and can enjoy updates for free. Another way this subscription model can be implemented is by giving away the basic version to everyone for free and then charging for any extra feature that the consumer use.

Windows 10 could bring in many unappetizing changes: Windows as a Service (WaaS)

Microsoft existing subscription-based services includes— OneDrive, Skype, Office 365, etc. The typical model currently used by the Microsoft doesn’t hold any of these things and sells the license for a certain amount of dollars such as it ranges from $100 to $200. Microsoft is losing money making ways when it comes to the consumer PC market. Microsoft even tried giving away free Windows 8 for small hand held devices just because of the competition and external competition exposed to them by Android and iOS. This is a good incentive at the consumer end but it’s unsustainable for Microsoft.

This one time purchase-model is bearably obsolete and Microsoft must be feeling a dire need to get away with it with its upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Last week at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, the Chief Operating Operator Kevin Turner explained the new model they are thinking to shift on in detail. Also at a conference in Arizona he summarized how the market for computer technology is changing and because of this how Microsoft is losing a larger market share potential. Windows 10 intends to bring icon and many other jaw dropping changes in it that will increase the money making prospective of Microsoft once again. Windows 10 is going to be a complete change for windows 7 users; this is what Microsoft is trying to bring into the market of changing PC-networks and technology.

And Turner also stated at Suisse Conference that “And through the course of the summer and spring, we will be announcing what the business model looks like”.

He also stated that there’s absolutely no confirmation or certainty of Windows 10 moving towards subscription model but there’s a fair chance that it turns out to be that way. This is of no doubt that mobile and cloud is the basic focus of the Microsoft. It seems to plan something big for the customer at store to make sure that its consumer ratings go above and beyond others. Giving away free Basic Windows version is the only way for Microsoft to protect PC market in their favor and only this way they can significantly generate revenues for subscriptions value services.  Free subscription would attract more customers, who are not using other subscription model based services offered by Microsoft in the current scenario.