Microsoft to “Stay Agile” on Xbox Series X Price, Phil Spencer Has a “Plan That Can Win”


Xbox boss Phil Spencer is usually an open book compared to most other major gaming execs, and his candor was definitely on full display during the latest episode of IGN’s Unlocked show. Spencer covered a lot of topics, but perhaps the most interesting exchange had to do with pricing plans for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s new console is going to be more powerful than the PlayStation 5, there’s no question about that, but some have wondered if Microsoft might price themselves right out of the race. It doesn’t matter what the XSX can do, if it costs much more than $500 the average console gamer isn’t going to bite. Well, according to Spencer, Microsoft has a “plan that can win” and will “stay agile” when it comes to pricing…

You have to set a price target at the beginning [of designing a console] for yourselves. [...] I feel good about the price we're going to be able to get to. I feel good about the price and performance capabilities of Xbox Series X. I feel incredibly good about the overall package.

We're definitely going to be keeping our eyes wide open as we continue toward launch. Looking at what the competition is doing, but we have a plan, and we feel very solid about our plan. Long ago, you and I sat in room and I said that I wanted to win, and you got frustrated with me for years about "Where is this winning plan?" I believe we have a plan that can win.

We're getting some incredible support from Microsoft. Satya Nadella, my boss, the CEO, Amy Hood the CFO -- they're very linked into what our plans our. We're going to make sure we stay agile on our pricing and that we have a good plan going into launch.

Elsewhere in the interview Spencer says he doesn’t expect COVID-19 to affect the launch of the Xbox Series X, but that the health and safety of his teams ultimately comes first. Interestingly, Spencer says the bigger problem will be software development, hinting the XSX will come out on time, but might be missing some launch titles. If you have an hour to spare, do check out the full interview, as Spencer always provides plenty of interesting insight.

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What do you think? What price tag do you expect Xbox Series X to come with and will the console hit its 2020 launch date?