Microsoft: We are Always Working To Improve Xbox One X’s User Interface, Third Party Webcam Support Confirmed


There is still a couple of months before Xbox One X, the new console of Microsoft, debuts worldwide. For this reason, the development team of this system continues to work so that the console not only offers great potential at a graphic level but also for all fans of the brand who will feel at ease with the new product.

Mike Ybarra, Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, was enthusiastic about the arrival of the new console, especially for its potential, capacity, Xbox Game Pass, Cross-Network Play and other features that await players of Xbox One X.

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In addition, the executive specified that they are working on improving the user interface of the Xbox One X. This optimization would not only mean a change at a visual level but also run at a higher speed and a more intuitive design.

A social network user questioned Ybarra about the benefits of Xbox One X for streamers. The executive said that the USB ports of the console will be compatible with webcams, including third party peripherals. As for the installation of Xbox One games from an external hard drive to Xbox One X, Ybarra said that it will be possible to do it easily, using plug and play devices.

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Xbox One X will debut this year on November 7 for $499 USD. The console will allow you to play a large catalog of games in 4K, thanks to a series of free updates that various titles will receive.

In related news, Xbox One X pre-orders will soon begin.

What other improvements would you like to see on the console? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.