Microsoft’s Windows 10 Starts To See Love From Europe; Lags Behind Windows 7 Globally


It's been a while since Microsoft launched Windows 10. The company's mixed approach for Windows 8 and 8.1 didn't win it any fans. A large majority of users chose to stick towards Windows 7, which still remains the most popular PC OS today. With Windows 10, Redmond took a much more serious approach towards its software. While its predecessor was all about upgraded interface, Windows 10 was a blend of the old and new. Microsoft's announcement of free upgrades also ensured that a lot of users converted to Windows 10. Now, we're hearing that the OS has finally started to edge its way to the top.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Starts To Edge Its Way On The Top Of Popularity Ladder In Europe

If it was high school, Windows 7 would be the jock that have all the girls swooning over him simply because of physique and looks. Windows 8 would be the greaser good at maths while Windows 10 would be the cool kid from Europe who'd have a select group of friends. Taking a look at some latest surveys, we find that the real world also conforms to these patters. Microsoft introduced several changes with Windows 10. The most striking of these was Cortana integration and the unification of its multi platforms operating systems.

Trends have started to shift globally and the Scandinavian countries are the first to adopt. Polls conducted by folks over at Softpedia claim to provide the latest information on the OS' adoption rates. Starting from Denmark, the company has the strongest Windows 10 market share. 43% of PCs have Windows 10 installed, with Apple's OS X on a surprising second with 23% share. Windows 7 has 21% share with older systems such as Windows XP nowhere to be found.

Norway has similar stats but with an interesting twist. The latest Windows runs on 36% of the company's PCs. Windows 7 and OS X gain second and third places respectively with percentages of 28% and 20% respectively. However, the country seems to have trouble letting go of Windows 98. Rather than Windows XP, the operating system comes with a market share of 3.5%. Considering that a good twenty years will soon have elapsed since the operating system's launch, we're not sure what the Norwegians are up to.

Globally, it's still Windows 7 that dominates. The OS has 40% of overall market share, with Windows 10 coming in at a distant second. Microsoft's latest operating system still runs only on 22% of the world's systems, so it's got a lot of catching up to do. As hardware advances, this trend will change. Do you prefer Windows 10 or Windows 7? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest in the meanwhile.