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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 15002 for PC Insiders with a LONG List of Features


It's been over a month since Microsoft last released a Preview build to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. Following a long break, the Windows development team is finally back!

Microsoft has started rolling out a brand new Windows 10 Creators Update Preview build. Windows 10 15002 is now available for PC Insiders in the Fast ring. Since this is the first build of the year, expect to see a number of new features and improvements coming your way. We sure wish this was released on Friday as was planned earlier, but now you will have to deal with this "BIG update" during the week. Let's hope you get something you were praying for, as it does bring a number of feature improvements demanded by the Insiders - including the ability to pause updates.

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Windows 10 15002 - the "BIG update"

We normally paste the entire changelog right in the post, but considering the length of today's changelog, it would be wiser to share some of the highlights of Windows 10 15002.

  • A number of new features for Microsoft Edge, including a cool new feature that allows you to preview tabs of all sites. You will get to test a new Set Tabs Aside feature. The browser also includes Jump List tasks, Web Payments, and much more
  • Several Start and Shell improvements
  • Updated Windows Share experience
  • Ability to capture a region of your screen with Win + Shift + S
  • Improved high-DPI support for desktop apps
  • Desktop scaling improvements
  • Faster VPN access
  • Improved sign-in dialog for apps
  • Lunar Calendar support for the Taskbar (yayy?)
  • Custom subgroups for notifications in Action Center
  • Windows Ink improvements
  • Cortana improvements
  • Blue Light Reduction
  • Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast
  • Improved Settings, including an improved Devices page
  • Windows Defender improvements: introduces Refresh Windows, which will start fresh by reinstalling and updating Windows to help you get rid of slow PC experience
  • Metered Ethernet connection support
  • Theme management in Settings
  • BSOD is now GSOD
  • Ability to pause updates, for up to 35 days! Available on Professional, Education, and Enterprise editions of Windows.
  • Power usage experiments on select Windows 10 devices: the company is testing a new feature to help improve Windows battery life

For the complete and super long list of changes and features, please visit the official announcement page. And don't forget to have a look at the list of known issues too.

Happy new year to you too!