Microsoft Touts “Incredible” Windows 10 Gaming Momentum, Black Friday Records For Xbox


Microsoft has proudly reported great results for both Windows 10 gaming and Xbox. On Windows 10 gaming, they said:

  • In November, hours spent gaming on Windows 10 exceeded Windows 8 for the first time ever.
  • Since Windows 10 launched in July, gamers have streamed over 5 million hours of Xbox One game content to Windows 10 PCs with Fallout 4 streamed the most frequently in November.
  • Last month, nearly 30 percent of all Steam players played on Windows 10; there were six times more gamers playing Steam on Windows 10 than OSX and Linux combined.
  • Nearly 20 percent of all non-mobile devices are now running on Windows 10 — roughly double from just 3 month ago.

Microsoft was also very happy about Xbox sales during Black Friday.

  • Xbox fans around the world spent a total of 325 million hours gaming on Xbox Live this past week. Hours spent playing games on Xbox One last week were up 196 percent compared to Black Friday week in 2014, and time spent using Xbox apps increased a whopping 321 percent.
  • Worldwide Xbox Black Friday sales in the Xbox Store broke records with an increase of 57 percent across Xbox One and Xbox 360, global Xbox Live Gold subscriptions were up over 40 percent, and U.S. Xbox One console sales at retail were up 22 percent over the same period last year, making it the second biggest Black Friday week in 15 years of Xbox history in the U.S.
  • Total paid unique users in the Xbox Store also broke records with an increase of 55 percent across Xbox One and Xbox 360 compared to Black Friday week last year, with 88 percent growth on Xbox One alone.
  • Gamers have logged more than 4 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One since Backward Compatibility launched on Nov. 12.

Microsoft's effort in Windows 10 gaming is just beginning, though. Soon, gamers will get titles like Gears of War Ultimate, Killer Instinct, Fable Legends and Gigantic, with the last three having crossplay multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, just like Halo Wars 2 (presently scheduled for Q4 2016, though we have yet to seen anything concrete).

Moreover, it seems like PC games may soon be streamed to the Xbox One for those interested in such a thing.