Microsoft Has Had An Abysmal Smartphone Sales Tally For The Past Few Months

Omar Sohail
Microsoft Has Had An Abysmal Smartphone Sales Tally For The Past Few Months

Windows 10 Mobile will continue to get worse if Microsoft doesn't act fast. It's either kill the lineup or change things dramticaly. Now, some SEC filings show how far the tech giant has fallen in comparison to the other smartphone manufacturers.

Microsoft Just Manages To Sell Just 1.2 Million Smartphones From April To June

It’s a sad state of affairs for Windows 10 Mobile. The latest statistics show that Microsoft only managed to sell 1.2 million units from April to June. The filing with the SEC gives us further insight in sales revenue, and we have to say that Microsoft has seen better days:

“Phone revenue decreased $4.2 billion or 56%, as we sold 13.8 million Microsoft Lumia ("Lumia") phones and 75.5 million other phones in fiscal year 2016, compared with 36.8 million and 126.8 million sold, respectively, in fiscal year 2015.”

Windows 10 mobile

The latest figure is abysmal. Microsoft has given more attention to its desktop platform rather than its mobile one. At the Build 2016 developers’ conference, there were very minute details concerning Windows Mobile. It’s obvious that the company honestly needs to step up its game concerning software optimization. It also needs to entice developers into bringing apps for Windows 10 Mobile.

Currently, the latest high-end smartphone to enter the Windows 10 Mobile fold is HP Elite X3. The Elite X3 features a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. It's possibly the first time that we have seen such a configuration adopted on a Windows 10 Mobile phone. The screen size of HP Elite X3 is a massive 5.96-inch QHD display. This alone has allowed HP to incorporate a 4,150mAh cell inside. There are no specifications on the amount of talk time that will be available to the user with that massive battery capacity, but we expect that it should effortlessly last an entire day.

Lumia 950 XL

Those are definitely beastly specifications but if Microsoft does not plan on improving the software experience, then we are afraid that this impressively spec’d phone will end up suffering the same fate.


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