The Snapdragon 830 Spotted On Windows 10 Mobile Site; Surface Phone To Feature SoC?

When it comes to smartphones, Microsoft hasn't seen much of a favorable response from the market. We've seen the company try quite hard in the mobile sector, with its various launches of Windows Mobile and the Lumia Series, but the fact still remains that Microsoft's competitive advantage still remains to be software; where the company has been dominating for quite a while. Today we've managed to get our hands on some interesting which might hint towards a change for fortune for Microsoft, so head over below to find out more.


Microsoft Lists The Snapdragon 830 On Windows Phone OEM Site; Surface Phone To Feature Chipset?

With its writing off Nokia as a loss, Microsoft seemed to be quite clueless on what to do with its smartphone lineup. The Lumia line of devices come with interesting designs, reasonable specifications and Windows for Mobile on board, with the operating system being the primary reason most users prefer the devices. However, that doesn't mean Microsoft hasn't had success with mobile launches, the company's Surface Pro and Surface Book are some of the best portable notebook and tablet offerings out there; offering top tier specifications coupled a solid design approach.

We might now possibly get to see a similar high powered approach on the Surface Phone from Microsoft, with the device surfacing sparsely in the rumor mill over the past couple of months. As you can see in the image above, the company has listed Qualcomm's Snapdragon 830/823 on its Windows Mobile support site, which could point towards the processor featuring on a future Windows smartphone. The model number for the Snapdragon is MSM8998, which itself has surfaced previously as well.

Microsofr Windows 10

If the next Snapdragon does make it on board the Surface Phone and we see Microsoft follow a similar approach in terms of other specifications, features and design on the device, then it could really get the smartphone equation right as well. But it would also mean that we'll be getting to see the device next year by the earliest, which will have companies the likes of Samsung and Apple already having launched their devices, providing for some stiff competition as well.

Given that all of this is based on a listing on Microsoft's Windows Phone support site, it's a bit too early to make any concrete speculation at this point. A Snapdragon on the Surface Phone will guarantee it some traction in the US market, but will also come with a high price tag in the process so things really aren't that clear right now. We'll be on the lookout and update you as this develops. Till then, let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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