Microsoft is Developing “State of the Art” Tech to Create Xbox One Games in a Whole New Way

Microsoft has taken quite a lot of flak from its fans due to some flawed policies and slightly less powerful hardware that puts its latest Xbox One console somewhat out of commission to brighten the latest triple A games up to the next-gen standard, though the manufacturer has started to take some right turns to put the Xbox One at the top. Now that the console’s software lineup is growing, it seems like Microsoft is planning to further improve the new content by working on “state of the art” technology that will change the way video games are developed for its latest console.

Microsoft Seeking a Senior Software Engineer Who Can Help in Developing "State of the Art" Solutions That Will Transform the Way Xbox One Games Are Developed

After listening to fans’ feedback and changing its policies, Microsoft has worked hard to pull its latest Xbox One console out of the PlayStation 4’s dominance and put it on the top of sales charts. While the Xbox One is still far from catching up with its counterpart in the sales race, it has surely improved a lot over the time after its launch. The new console now packs several new features and possibly has the best video game software lineup this month, and it appears that the Redmond-based platform holder is looking forward to enhance and further improve the process of video game development for its console by working on new solutions.

According to a job listing that recently appeared on Microsoft’s official careers website, the company is looking for a highly skilled person who can handle the charge as Senior Software Engineer. The job description states that some of the primary responsibilities of the welcomed one will be to “develop high quality, state of the art solutions that will transform the way we develop and test games,” and “work directly with users, educating, on-boarding, and supporting of our tools and services,” by “Initiating, promoting and implementing engineering best practices.”

It also states that as a part of its core philosophy, Microsoft believes that “strong partnering is critical to our success. We strive to work closely with our partners in test, localization and our development studios to maximize their resources so that they can focus on driving innovative experiences,” and that “our solutions should contribute to making the entire game industry better. We'll strive to make sure all of the tools we develop are available to the public via open source.”

For now, all that we know is mentioned above, as the job listing doesn’t include any other important points or details that could point out what is the technology/solution that the company is working on. It is very much possible that this listing is just for a normal seat that requires to be filled by a skilled person, or it could be that Microsoft is actually experimenting with new ways to build new technologies and solutions that might help in improving and enhancing the game development process for the Xbox One.

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