Microsoft Likely Developing ‘Magical, Delightful’ Next-Gen Technology for Xbox One

Fahad Arif

We already know that besides working steadily to improve the performance of the latest eighth generation Xbox One video game console, the Xbox development team, along with Kudo Tsunoda, who is one of the creators of Microsoft’s revolutionary video game motion technology called Kinect, is working on a new project that will be revealed this year, according to Phil Spencer, the boss at Xbox division. No other information about this new project was revealed, however, now if a job listing is to be believed, the new project in works at Xbox is possibly some magical and delightful next-gen technology.

Job Listing Suggests That Xbox Development Team Might Be Working on a New Next-Gen Technology for Xbox One

Recently, a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer appeared on Microsoft Careers webpage, suggesting that the American platform holder is looking for a talented person who will help the development team in building “magical, delightful and disruptive consumer experiences for the next generation of technology (from the creators of the Kinect: Alex Kipman & Kudo Tsunoda),” and that the company is “looking to make significant contributions to the early stages of a project with huge growth potential.”

It is much possible that the “next generation of technology” here could be referring to the manufacturer’s Xbox One home console itself, rather than something brand new in the next-gen gaming field, but one of the key responsibilities listed with the others requires the candidate to “drive the planning, estimation, implementation, execution and measurement of technologies.” So it is somewhat possible that the next-gen technology in talks here is something brand new or at least a minor addition to the current Xbox family.

Whatever the case might be, we should take it with a grain of salt for now, until anything major on the topic appears on the internet.

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