Microsoft Launching Zune Phone…?

Omer Saleem

Officially, I am zoned now! For the past two weeks it has been a roller coaster ride between CES 2010, Google Nexus One (and China), Apple tablet (and lawsuits) and today Bill Gates joining Twitter. I kept on wondering, what is going on. 2010 has given a rocket start to the tech industry and its like we are all in the middle of a technology gadgets and hardware war zone.

While swifting through the news and blogs, I came across this very interesting piece of news (rumor, I don't know) but it some how links the mysterious awakening of Mr. Gates on Twitter.

It is the much talked about and rumored Zune Phone. Yes my mortal friends, Microsoft may finally be en-route to revealing the latest and probably the most advanced (at least in the eyes of Microsoft) OS we have yet to see on a smartphone. It was reported on Afterdawn that Microsoft is setting up the stage to unveil its entry into the world of smartphones. This could be something to talk about for weeks and probably months to come and it will ignite a whole new fan-boy war amongst the loyalists.

The phone is reported to be an enhanced design of already available Zune HD and it will run Windows Mobile 7. The phone will have 5MP camera and will be able to play 720p HD movies on it.


As if we did not have enough OEMs manufacturing the smartphones already. Seems like now each and every company has definite plans to make cloud computing like what broadband Internet is today, that is, easily accessible through any medium.

It is not 1st April so we won't be fooled but if it is really true, as indicated by, then I just don't know what Nokia will come up with in 2010. Poor Nokia thought that with E72 and N900 along with the X series, there is no room for others to play. They can either re-work on their Symbian OS or take sides of Microsoft or Google for OS choice of future.

The Microsoft phone is reported to be planned for launch in the upcoming Mobile World Congress Conference.

Lastly, coming back to the relation of Bill Gates on Twitter with Zune Phone. Can't you guess, Microsoft is his baby and if it launches Zune, he will all be up and about telling his followers how good the phone is (which actually I am hoping it should be). Therefore, Mr. Gates, the salesman in you can never rest 🙂

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