Microsoft HoloLens Open For Preorders In Six New Countries


Today, Microsoft has seen fit to expand its HoloLens augmented reality headgear to six new countries around the world. Currently, if you rest in the United Stated or Canada, you can buy the Microsoft HoloLens for a hefty price tag. Let's see some more details on the availability of the HoloLens headgear.

Microsoft HoloLens Expanded In Six New Countries, Preoders Start Today

The software giant, Microsoft is planning to expand its HoloLens' availability to France, Ireland, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. If you're interested in getting it for yourself, the preorders start later today and shipments should begin later next month. So if you're looking forward to it, make sure to keep a look out.

Microsoft HoloLens was initially launched in the United States, roughly six and a half months ago priced at $3,000. The pricing may vary across Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom with adjustments for different currencies. The current pricing of the HoloLens is as follows:

  • United Kingdom: £2,719
  • New Zealand: 7,829 NZ dollars
  • Germany, Ireland and France: 3,299 Euro
  • Australia: 4,369 AU dollars

Users across the world have gained a broader interest in the nascent technology. Microsoft HoloLens is a headset that projects holographic images in the real world and users have been given the ability to interact with things. Your controls are dependent on the gestures you make in the "mixed reality" as it merges the real and digital world. HoloLens is powered by a Windows Holographic operating system which is based on Windows 10.

The HoloLens is a very unique device and is not to be confused with other virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift. Microsoft's HoloLens allows users to be fully immersed in a virtual world and interact with things. Now that Microsoft's HoloLens is expanding to new markets, it will be open to more developers. There are endless possibilities of how the headgear can be used. While HoloLens could have potential impact on productivity, the expansion could embark more developers on board and raise device appeal.

Microsoft HoloLens is a very capable headgear and possibly it will be used in productive and learning aspects. We will surely let you guys know more details about its availability so do stay tuned for that.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about Microsoft HoloLens expanded to six new countries? Are you guys interested in getting one for yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.