Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S Game Pass Pre-Installation Option Hints at Imminent Release


Microsoft Flight Simulator may be very close to making its debut on Xbox consoles, judging from a recent discovery.

The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren shared today a short video on Twitter that confirms the game having become pre-installable on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, something that hints at its imminent release on consoles.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator's console release has been pretty much confirmed back in April when the game got rated for Xbox One by the European PEGU rating board. It will be very interesting how the console release compares with the PC version, considering it is one of the most technically advanced games released in recent times, as highlighted by Chris in his review.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a marvelous use of technology to create one of the most wonderful and spectacular looking games I've ever played. Never a proponent of realism, it simply works here thanks to thousands of handcrafted buildings, as well as certain exceptionally detailed cities, planes and airports, giving you something that is a sheer joy to explore. This attention to detail expands to the controls of the planes, though Asobo ensured it's accessible through easy to use Xbox controller functions. Once you're past the learning curve and the full functions of the planes are at your disposal, there's little that can be said other than this as close to perfect as could be hoped. There are some very slight issues, such as long loading times - expected due to what is being loaded - but every square inch of the Earth is accessible and it's always worth the wait, particularly thanks to the number of options at your disposal. There's no doubt in my mind that this will be a platform that will last long into the future.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on PC. If the game is indeed launching soon on Xbox consoles, we will likely hear more about the matter during Microsoft's E3 2021 press conference, which is being held in a few days, on June 13th.