MS Employee Messes Up; “The Instant Indie Collection Is The Best Way To Experience Indie On PS”


Some Microsoft employee clearly messed up updating the Xbox store as the store mentions that the recently announced 'Instant Indie Collection', is the perfect way to experience 'Indie' on...Playstation.

Earlier this week Curve Studios announced the 'Instant Indie Collection Vol. 1' - a collection of indie titles that includes 'Thomas Was Alone, 'The Swapper' and 'Stealth Inc 2'.

“The Instant Indie Collection is being designed to allow new console owners to easily discover games they may have missed on original release,” says Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Digital. “Whilst Volume One is all about puzzle platforms, we intend to ensure that each collection keeps things fresh, aiming to cover multiple genres where we can. They will all have one thing in common, though – and that’s a ridiculously competitive price.”

The Instant Indie Collection is designed to offer Xbox and PlayStation owners the opportunity to build a collection of the very best indie games, for a fraction of their usual price. According to Curve Digital, the indie bundles are set to be released semi regularly.

According to the Xbox Store, the instant indie collection is the perfect way to experience indie on Playstation

Although all titles have been available for both consoles, someone over at Microsoft clearly didn't get enough sleep as he or she has described the collection as 'the perfect way to experience indie on Playstation'.

Now we understand that the differences between both consoles is minuscule, but putting down the name of your rival's console is kind of suicide. Perhaps the Microsoft employee read the article on Microsoft's Spencer disagreeing with the 'console wars' and decided to help Sony out a bit. Luckily for him or she, the 'kind gesture' wasn't made with an upcoming Xbox One exclusive like Halo 5: Guardians.

, The 'typo' seems to have affected both the German and Dutch Xbox store. Check out some shots of the 'mistake' above. Although the language is in German and Dutch, you can clearly discern the name 'Playstation' in the description.