Spencer: It’s Not Too Bad That Sony Is Selling A Lot Of PS4s


Phil Spencer built for himself a great reputation on multiple accounts since his appointment as Head of Xbox Division at Microsoft.

Firstly, he had to clean up the PR mess in which Xbox One got itself before launch with the now defunct DRM plans. Secondly, he embraced its job in a very particular way, interacting directly with the community on Twitter and often speaking highly of the accomplishments of Microsoft's competitors, such as Sony Computer Entertainment with its PlayStation 4.

This continues in an interview published today by Gamespot, where he clearly explains his stance on the matter while reiterating that he doesn't feel that it's too bad how Sony is selling a lot of PS4 units.

I know most of these people, and I know they work incredibly hard. I know the studios, I know the people that run those organizations, and I don't want ... It's not my job to think about how other people can fail. The thing I'll say about us and Team Xbox and what we're trying to do is we work for a company in Microsoft that isn't driven in this space to go dominate anybody or to put somebody else out. The reason Satya's (Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO) interested in gaming, the reason the Windows 10 focused on the consumer and gaming is so prevalent inside the company right now, is we see opportunity. We see opportunity to delight customers, to give them more reasons to engage with the platform that we have, and it's really all about the unrealized opportunity that's in front of us. Then when people bring up, "Well, what about Nintendo? What about Sony? Isn't it too bad that Sony is selling a lot of PlayStation 4s right now?" I honestly don't feel that it's too bad.

I love that we're selling a lot of Xbox Ones. I love that we're selling more Xbox Ones than we did 360, and we're growing year ... all the PR stats I can hit you with, and I love that we have more people on Xbox Live than we've ever had. That's probably the thing I'm most focused on is the people that we have on Xbox Live and how happy they are with what they're doing. I don't know if that makes me nice. I don't see any reason to go after and be pithy towards somebody who's just trying to do a good job with the product that they're building.

Honestly, I wish more gamers adopted this stance instead of resorting to the increasingly silly console war. The upcoming lineup of both consoles for 2016 and beyond is simply great, with both platforms finally getting huge exclusives like Uncharted 4 and Quantum Break along smaller but still exciting titles.

If both platforms end up being a success, then it's only beneficial for the gaming industry as a whole.