Download: Microsoft Edge for iPad Now Available – Beta Only

Mar 19, 2018

You can now download Microsoft Edge for iPad if you are a beta tester on TestFlight. The app is also available for iPhone users already.

Microsoft Edge for iPad is Finally Here as a Beta App

Three months ago, Microsoft brought its web browser, Edge, from Windows 10 to the iPhone. Of course, it was a great release for those who use an iPhone as their daily driver and a Windows PC as their desktop platform of choice. iPad users were, obviously, left out of the party.

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Thankfully though, Microsoft dropped hints that the iPad version of the app would arrive soon as a beta. Now, the company has fulfilled its promise and users enrolled in the Edge preview program can give Microsoft Edge for iPad a try.

Just like the iPhone app, the iPad version has the same number of features, except that things are now meant for a larger display of the iPad. Sadly, there's no support for split screen in the initial beta release, which, quite frankly, is somewhat of a downer, given that iOS 11 support split screen multitasking on the iPad right out of the box. We're hopeful that Microsoft will correct this oversight in a future release of Microsoft Edge. Until then, you only have scaled-up version of the iPhone app to work with.

Given that we are sitting on the first ever beta of the Microsoft Edge browser for iPad, it'll be a while before the full and final version of the app hits the App Store. Whenever that happens, we will definitely let our readers know about it.

News Source: The Verge