Microsoft Edge Web Browser is Coming to iPad this Month in Beta

Uzair Ghani
Microsoft Edge

Currently available for iPhone and Android, the Microsoft Edge browser will soon be available to iPad users as well in beta, confirmed Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge for iPad is on its Way for TestFlight Users - iPhone Users Can Download the Full Version Already

Microsoft brought its famed Web browser, Microsoft Edge from Windows 10, to the iPhone back in November. Now, the company's program manager has chimed in and shared a little piece of information, revealing that the browser is coming to the iPad as well in beta.

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Since the browser is going to be in beta, therefore users will have to sign up with Microsoft in order to receive the download. In case you don't know, you will require the TestFlight app from the App Store in order to get up and running. You can download it from here, absolutely free. We will also post the sign up link whenever Microsoft starts accepting applications for it, which we are certain are going to be extremely limited.

Bringing the Edge browser to iPad makes more sense compared to the iPhone, thanks to the screen real-estate Apple's tablet has to offer. Also, since we are dealing with a larger screen, this also means that the browser could end up being very, very similar to the one available on Windows 10, which is a good thing, of course.

Quite frankly, if you are well-invested into the Apple ecosystem, then Microsoft Edge might not be able to serve you great. But if you have a Windows PC and an iOS device too, then it makes more sense to have interest in the Edge browser. Otherwise Safari will suffice just as well when it comes to day to day task.

We will keep our readers updated in the time to come so stay tuned.

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