Microsoft Still Doesn’t Know When Xbox One X Pre-Orders Will Start

Rajesh Vishwakarma
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A little less than 3 months of going on sale Xbox One X, there is a small dilemma that is starting to worry fans: at the moment there is no date for Xbox One X pre-orders. After its official introduction in E3 2017, players have been waiting for the moment they can pre-order the world's most powerful console and a few weeks ago Phil Spencer stated that it was a short time before this happened. However, it seems that things in that direction are not going well and Mike Ybarra offered an apology for that reason.

In a recent program on YouTube, Mike Ybarra, director of technology for Xbox, was questioned by the lack of a definite date to start the Xbox One X pre-orders.

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In this respect, the director said that the matter is no longer in the hands of Microsoft as the company has done everything that corresponds to place the product on the market. Now the responsibility is in control of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has not given the green light to the product for unknown reasons.

In that sense, Ybarra said: "It’s great to see the excitement from people. I know there’s frustration about pre-orders, [and I] apologize for that. As Phil [Spencer] said on Twitter, he said soon and really that’s all I can say about that."

At the same time, Ybarra revealed that Microsoft was hoping that the Xbox One X pre-orders would be available since its introduction in E3 2017, but by then the FCC had the issue under its control and could not succeed. Now the company hopes that in the next few days it will authorize the commercialization of the console via pre-order to satisfy the demands of players.

Finally, some opinions fear that the FCC's certification will be too late and, in the worst of scenarios, if this did not happen by October, Microsoft could not market Xbox One X as that is the limit set by the commission for to be able to sell electronic goods in the North American market.

Undoubtedly, these last days have not been favorable for Xbox because the wireless adapter for Windows 10 will be delayed until 2018;  a few moments ago it was confirmed that Crackdown 3 will also be delayed until next year and now the situation of Xbox One X pre-orders does not seem clear.

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