Microsoft To Bring Windows 10 To Your Android Phones

Ali Salman

Microsoft declined the notion that it wanted Windows 10 on Android smartphone and promised to update on the same matter but the reality resides somewhere differently. The original story follows with Redmond disclosing the trailing version of Windows 10 which can be installed on Android smartphones. This had us accumulate high hopes for Windows 10 operating system to roll down to Android devices.

The trial version of the operation is being tested on an impressive set, Xiaomi Mi 4. Windows 10 has been transformed into a custom ROM just like the CyanogenMod where it will replace the Android operating system in the device. However, the Windows 10 custom ROM is nothing similar to that of CyanogenMod, since its based on pure android. Rather the ROM is intended to look like and be a part of the Window 10 operating system. This suggests that after the Xiaomi Mi 4 is installed with a Windows 10 ROM, it will leave no traces of android after the device has been restarted. All applications and behavior of the new operating system will be part of the new Windows 10 including all applications and services.

Technique Involved In Microsoft's Mentality

This way Microsoft can increase its share of the operating system by porting the ROM to android phones rather than waiting for the manufacturers to manufacture a dedicated smartphone for a dedicated operating system like the HTC One M8.

Other than this, the touted partnership between Microsoft and Cyanogen Inc can also be said to have a reason, with a rumor that Microsoft will be investing $70 million to Cyanogen. Even though the investment had no practicality we still wondered what interest could Microsoft have with an Android custom ROM builder.

The introduction of a Windows 10 ROM to Xiaomi Mi 4 is an initial research step by Microsoft to look how users will gauge to the update. In a statement Microsoft explained that,  "Xiaomi Mi4 users will get the ability to flash their phones with the new Windows 10 OS and provide feedback to Xiaomi and Microsoft on their experience."

The Xiaomi choice feels legit to start the plan because Chinese users are more open to the custom ROMs and that the alternatives to android are available freely. Another factor that might contribute is that the mostly people get swayed away from Play Store because of the restricted applications in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi also had a say in the matter which by word is no political reason but the fact that it wants to deliver more choices to the consumer after android being its primary driving operating system.

Will You Switch To The Windows 10 ROM?

Getting a bit of know-how in the Windows 10 ROM, Microsoft will have enough data to think big for its plan. It will involve every aspect to convince people to use the home ROM instead of android. Keeping the Windows 10 ROM free of cost will be an important move Microsoft that most people will definitely want to try it out before Microsoft goes to discount the original Windows 10 which in itself will be a win.

Even though it does not seem an easy task to make people switch from Android, but if Microsoft does it with the right amount of persuasiveness not to forget the benefits for consumers involved, Microsoft could be on the right path. If Windows 10 for mobile becomes a success, then there are high hopes for the company to be the major beneficiary and improve the overall ecosystem. That's it for now folks, will you be switching to the Windows 10 ROM when it arrives? Leave your views in the comments below.

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