Is Microsoft Announcing the Surface Phone at MWC 2017?


Microsoft is en route to the MWC 2017 trade show that’s going to take place in Barcelona, and with the show being a forefront for manufacturers to showcase their smartphones as well as add-ons ranging from accessories and other goodies, it looks like we can open up the topic ‘Will Microsoft unveil its Surface Phone at this event’?

Surface Phone Might Not Officially Be Unveiled at MWC 2017, But a Sneak Preview Regarding Its Features Could Be Shown

As we’ve seen in the past, Microsoft will most likely hold a dedicated event for the Surface Phone, probably during the month of September, like it has on previous occasions. On the website labeled, which according to MSPoweruser was only set up 10 days ago to arrange meetings with other industry giants, it is stated that Microsoft will be making an appearance at MWC 2017. While we might not get to see the actual Surface Phone at this event, there are other features that the company has teased ever since it announced its partnership with leading smartphone chipset maker Qualcomm.

As you all know, Microsoft and Qualcomm have teamed up to bring desktop Windows 10 applications to devices that are running ARM’s 64-bit processors. Since current generation chipsets come running with 64-bit capable processors, compatibility should not be an issue at all. However, not too long ago, Microsoft showcased a demo that a Snapdragon 820 was capable of running the demanding application Photoshop, showing that current-gen SoCs are more than powerful enough to handle this kind of workload.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Microsoft will provide support for it, as the company’s spokesperson stated that you will need a Snapdragon 835 to start running desktop apps natively on a smartphone. This also provides further insight that the high-end Surface Phone will come running Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chipset manufactured on the 10nm FinFET architecture. We sincerely believe that Microsoft will not officially announce the Surface Phone at the MWC 2017, but we are still under the impression that the software giant will show off some nifty features of what it can do.

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