Microsoft Will Launch The $399 Surface Tablet This Friday With Pentium Gold Processors


It's been a tumultuous month when we talk about Microsoft related leaks. Rumors for the mythical Surface Phone once again picked up the pace. Once again, they failed to bear fruit as Microsoft will not launch the device later this year. In fact, Microsoft has already created the ability for a mobile gadget to either run the same app on different displays or to run two apps side by side on a dual-display gadget.

Nevertheless, the Surface Phone isn't the only Microsoft gadget to grace the rumor mill this year. Redmond is also rumored to be working on a cheaper version of its Surface Pro lineup. Google's success with the Chromebooks for education-based users has got both Apple and Microsoft worried, with Cupertino already having provided its response. Now, looks like it soon might be Microsoft's turn. Take a look below for more details.

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Latest Report Claims That Microsoft Will Launch The Affordable Surface Tablet Later This Week, With Intel's Pentium Gold And Silver Processors

Well, things just took a very interesting turn with Microsoft's affordable Surface device. A new report not only has details for the device's specifications, but it also claims that Microsoft will launch it as soon as by the end of this week. The report is in the form of a leak from a Microsoft Store, which highlights instructions to prepare the outlet for the upcoming launch.

Additionally, the same source who has provided these launch details also sheds some light on the specifications for the Surface tablet. Recently, benchmarks for the device displayed it running Intel's Pentium Gold and Silver chipsets. These specifications are now confirmed by today's source as well. Accordingly, the Surface tablet is reported to feature:

10", 1800x1200 screen.

562g body with USB-C and microSD.

Available in 4GB RAM / 64GB storage, 8/128, 8/128 LTE and 8/256 LTE SKUs, but I don't think all of them will come out in one go.

Up to Pentium Gold processor. Launches with its own Type Cover and mouse.

Starts at $399 for education customers. Tops out at $829 (excluding accessories).

It's interesting that Microsoft has chosen to stick with Intel for this latest round of hardware, especially as it continues to demonstrate an interest in the Windows 10 Always Connected platform. But, legacy applications continue to be an issue for Redmond, who does not want its first launch for the sector to lack in any sort of compatibility. Benchmarks for the Pentium Gold 4410Y and 4415Y variants demonstrate single-core scores of 1942 and 2050 respectively. Multi-core results, on the other hand, show the 4410Y top out at 3756 and the 4415Y at 3946 points.

The pricing follows Apple's approach as Microsoft will also ensure that the lowest price of its Surface tablet will be highly competitive to keep up with the low-budget requirements of educational institutions. The company produces excellently designed gadgets in the Surface lineup and we hope that the latest tablet will continue this tradition. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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