Metro Exodus Surprisingly Runs Best on Xbox One S, Sony Console Performance Shaky

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is finally out today, and the game is a real beast on PC, but what about on consoles? Which machine provides the best post-apocalyptic experience? The tech heads at Digital Foundry have taken the game for a spin on all the available consoles, and the results are somewhat surprising! Contrary to how these comparisons usually go, it turns out the Xbox One S actually offers the smoothest Metro Exodus performance. Not the X, the Xbox One S. Of course, getting that smoother framerate requires some sacrifice. You can check out the full analysis, below.

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So, starting with resolution, the Xbox One X runs at native 4K, while the PS4 Pro offers up 1440p. Meanwhile, the base PS4 offers native 1080p, while the Xbox One S features dynamic resolution that can drop as low as 900p. About what you’d expect so far.

Ah, but there’s a twist – it turns out that dynamic resolution on the Xbox One S allows for better performance, with Metro Exodus running at a pretty much rock-solid 30fps on the console. The Xbox One X does pretty well too, although it suffers the occasional small dip. Unfortunately, Sony’s consoles don’t fare as well – the PS4 Pro can drop into the low-20fps range, and the base PS4 can plunge to near 15fps. Ouch! Ultimately, Xbox One X is still your best bet, but if you’re choosing between the two base consoles, this is one of the relatively rare instances where the Xbox One S beats out the PS4.

That said, whatever platform you’re playing Metro Exodus on, you’re probably in for a good time. Wccftech’s Chris Wray found it be an impressive, challenging experience in his full review

“Metro Exodus is an incredibly atmospheric, engaging and compelling shooter that places an onus on the player to think on their feet. Enhancing this is a world that is almost dead set against you. From other survivors who are more likely to kill you than talk to you, mutant creatures and ghouls that want nothing more than to feast on you and the hazards of the environment, it's a game that wants you on the edge of your seat. It masters this with ease. From tight gunplay to well-developed stealth mechanics, the game offers variety within the confines of its own rules. The only downsides are average-at-best voice acting and the game ignoring its own stealth leanings to force combat with incredibly difficult bosses. All in all, Metro Exodus is a fantastic game that you'd be worse off for missing out.”

Metro Exodus is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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