Mesa 22.1-rc1 Offers Enhancements For Radeon Vulkan, PowerVR Rogue GPU and Microsoft Dozen Merging


Mesa 22.1-rc1 was released recently as the initial transition to the complete Mesa 22.1 release in May 2022. This news follows the code branching and feature freeze of the open-source driver for Linux. The new update will improve several old NVIDIA graphics in Linux and Radeon Vulkan, or RADV, and Intel will also see additions and fixes. The new Imagination Rogue PowerVR Vulkan driver and several other enhancements and improvements.

Mesa 22.1-rc1 Adds Enhancements For Radeon Vulkan 'RADV' & Even Older NVIDIA Graphics on Open-Source

Users will now see candidates released every week, leading to Mesa 22.1 full release.

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Below is a list of Mesa 22.1-rc1 changes provided by Michael Larabel of Phoronix.

  • Ray primitive culling for assisting to improve the RADV ray-tracing support. RADV RT support is also further along for Doom Eternal and KHR_ray_query support.
  • AMD GFX1036 / GFX1037 support.
  • RADV added Dynamic VRS support for variable rate shading to improve power savings on the Steam Deck with this Valve-led change.
  • The Imagination PowerVR Rogue GPU Vulkan driver was merged in its initial form. The Imagination DRM/KMS kernel driver is still being tackled, as are other Imagination Vulkan driver features.
  • Intel Arctic Sound M support was added — following the same DG2/Alchemist driver code paths for this forthcoming server part.
  • The Lavapipe software Vulkan driver implementation now has Vulkan 1.3 support and a host of new extensions, such as the recent EXT_graphics_pipeline_library and others.
  • There were many bug fixes for the Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan driver implementation, and the most significant milestone this cycle was the merging of Kopper.
  • There are many new extensions for Radeon RADV and Intel ANV Vulkan and smaller drivers like V3DV, Turnip, Venus, etc.
  • The Direct3D 12 path for use by Windows / WSL2 now has support for OpenGL 4.2 functionality, up from OpenGL 3.3 previously.
  • Dozen "dzn" was merged for Vulkan implemented on Direct3D 12 for use by Windows/WSL.
  • Intel introduced a tiny OpenCL compiler that developers will use for their ray-tracing implementation.
  • The Raspberry Pi V3D OpenGL driver finally has an on-disk shader cache.
  • Encoder Format Conversion (EFC) support for Radeon GPUs with VCN 2.0 IP.
  • PanVK has seen progress on compute shader support.
  • Venus VirtIO-GPU Vulkan added code for supporting ANGLE.
  • The open-source Nouveau driver for old GeForce 6/7/8 GPUs switched to using NIR by default for improving its shader compilation stack via the NIR-to-TGSI code path for those still using these ancient NVIDIA GPUs.
  • It improved OpenGL compatibility profile support for the Intel Crocus driver.

The new Mesa 22.1-rc1 release announcement can be accessed by the "Mesa mailing list" post on

Source: Phoronix

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