Men of War II Development Diary Shows A Deeper Look at Multiplayer, Mods, and Innovations

Ule Lopez
Men of War II

Men of War II’s release date inches closer and closer; the real-time strategy game has seen its share of news as of late. Recently, the game came into existence, slated for a release this year, and got delayed to some point in 2023. This morning though, developer Best Way and Fulqrum Publishing have a couple of updates related to Men of War II’s gameplay.

The upcoming title will have lots to offer players in the form of expansive maps, new mechanics and missions, and more. Fulqrum Publishing also released a new Dev Diary to talk about these brand-new changes. You can watch that Dev Diary below.

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Andrey Geleta, one of the game’s designers, reveals that the title intends to expand and improve the game to the point where players themselves decide how missions are approached. He also noted how some games have you constantly fighting for a specific objective, and failure to keep it results in defeat; he mentions that the development team tried to stray away from that.

Newer gameplay features like the Frontline make their debut in Men of War II; the Frontline’s purpose is to serve as a divider between the player and the opposing force’s respective territory. The Frontline does not remain static; it’s constantly moving depending on the state of the conflict, and the Frontline itself can play a role in the battle’s outcome.

Access to certain features in-battle also changes based on the Frontline’s status. The Frontline isn’t permanently baked into the game; some maps and missions will take place without the mechanic, for instance. The AI has also seen a facelift as well and has been improved to work with these newer mechanics, too.

This trailer also confirms that Men of War II will have its unique set of tools to support mod developers. You'll be able to recreate wars from the ancient past or make your new ideas while unleashing your creativity through the game's mod support. We’ll continue to update as more info on Men of War II is released, including gameplay, trailers, and events.

Men of War II is set to launch sometime next year on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and other digital storefronts.

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