Men of War II Delayed to 2023 to Add New Features and Content

Men of War II

Previously on Men of War II’s development, the game got a reveal trailer during Gamescom 2022 last week. The game is a real-time strategy title (think Company of Heroes or the StarCraft games), and recently, new unit specializations were announced. Originally, the game was supposed to launch this year.

Unfortunately, meeting that 2022 launch window will no longer be a reality, as developer Best Way announced its delay to sometime in 2023 earlier today. The primary reasoning behind this is to accommodate new features and content, among various other adjustments. Either way, the development team also released a new trailer today, which you can watch below.

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The conflict in Ukraine is another big contributor to the game’s delay; back in February of this year, Best Way had to help staff and families relocate after the attacks on Ukraine, essentially pausing the game’s development (which wasn’t in their control). Following this, the game’s development resumed over the past few months.

As development continued, Best Way has run various closed playtests. Players were reportedly satisfied with the game, liking the blend of Frontline and Direct Control combined with the classic Men of War gameplay they know and love. It’s thanks to these closed playtests that new content will wind up coming to Men of War II.

Maxim Kamensky stated in a press release that this was a tough decision. However, the team heavily believes that meeting a deadline shouldn't compromise quality; the delay will provide them with enough time for all the polishing and balancing phases. Thus, allowing the team to create a quality product and deliver an exceptional experience for the players.

Through data collected via various playtests, the developers plan to add significant changes to the game, like the much-requested Third Reich campaign, user interface upgrades, Dynamic Campaign improvements, and missions for other factions, to name a few. More information on these updates will be released at a later date, but we’ll update when that information is released.

As of now, though, Men of War II will release in 2023 on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and other digital storefronts.

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