New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Appear

Rizwan Anwer

Max Payne 3 is nearing its release and its set to be one of Rockstars greatest works of gaming yet. Max Payne has been long ignored since the next generation of gaming has come into play but that didn't mean the studio had completely forgotten about our favorite detective. Max Payne 3 will be unlike the previous games and will focus on delivering new game play mechanics never before seen in a Max Payne game but will it have the story to back it up?

Max Payne 3 sort of goes off track from the story of the first two games, he is no longer a detective and he doesn't seem to be lucky in love at all and for me at least the love interests of Max always made players more attached to the detective but so far there isn't any hint of Max having such luck again in 3, maybe Rockstar is keeping a well kept secret from us and gearing us for the return of a special someone from his past.

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Additionally you can go HERE for an amazing Gif showing Max spilling some blood in game 😀

Max Payne 3 is releasing very soon and it will first arrive on Consoles first and then the PC a few days later, the game will come with a whole bunch of new features such as multiplayer, more realistic movement, next generation graphics and much more changes to a fan favorite series, Now if only they can give Manhunt the same treatment.

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