New Mass Effect Andromeda Mod Adds First-Person Mode and Field of View (FoV) Slider

mass effect andromeda mod first person fov

This freshly released Mass Effect Andromeda mod adds a fully-featured first-person mode to 2017's action-RPG alongside an FOV-slider.

Although not as well received as its predecessors, Mass Effect Andromeda can still be an enjoyable title. The game’s combat is fun and interesting, and this new first-person mod might make Andromeda’s combat even more frantic.

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The First-Person Toggle mod has been created by modder ‘Wavebend’ and adds a toggleable First Person mode, while leaving the game’s default third-person camera intact. Players are free to switch between first and third perspectives on the fly while exploring hubs or during combat.

According to ‘Wavebend’, Andromeda’s cutscenes, conversations, and a handful of actions are played in Third Person, and first-person mode will be automatically reactivated upon completion if it was active prior. We’ve included the mod’s main features down below alongside some videos from the mod in action:

First-Person Mass Effect Andromeda mod main features

  • Through a custom hotkey, toggle between First and Third Person at any time during exploration or combat.
  • If First Person is inactive, the vanilla Third Person camera setup is used.
  • Cutscenes, conversations, and a handful of actions are played in Third Person. However, First Person is automatically reactivated upon completion if it was active prior. (Actions played in Third Person for now include: Gravity Wells, roll-vaulting, melee attacks, ladders in the Tempest)
  • When in combat, if in Third Person, all gameplay systems are unaffected, such as side-switching or auto-cover. However, if in First Person, side-switching is disabled, and crouching for cover is manually toggled using the side-switching button.
  • First Person combat is fully animated, finely tuned for all actions, and grants 178 degrees vertical range of view.
  • First Person default FOV is 60 for both combat and exploration. Combat aiming is 52. FOV can be manually increased through the FOV slider in the Gameplay panel.

This is quite an awesome mod for those interested and can be downloaded through Nexusmods.

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