Mass Effect 3 isn’t the end of Series, Bioware advises to keep your Saves for Future Titles

Hassan Mujtaba

Bioware's highly anticipated Sci-Fi RPG "Mass Effect 3" is nearing its launch, The third title in the triology would mark an end to Commander Shepard's long journey to exterminate the reapers from invading our galaxy.

However the end to Shepard's journey doesn't means the end of the Mass Effect Series, This news came in from a recent interview of OXM with developer Mike Gamble of Bioware. Mike says:

"We have so much to draw from"

Its pretty much confirmed by Mike that Bioware won't be abandoning Mass Effect so soon. When asked about future mass effect titles, Mike advised to keep your save game data:

"It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your Mass Effect 3 saves.  Obviously I can't say anything but it wouldn't be a bad idea."

Mass Effect Series has a long history with save data from previous games where your past decisions could prove various events in the new games. It isn't known if the new game would be a sequel,prequel or a complete new game but we would see news after Mass Effect 3 arrives.

Mass Effect 3 releases on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on 6th March 2012. If you've haven't completed the previous two titles, I recommend you to play them now, Decisions in both previous games can possibly unlock new quests and foes in the upcoming title.

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