Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Man Abilities, Play Style Detailed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the third entry in the series currently in development for Nintendo Switch, is going to feature a lot of playable superheroes. Among them will be Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The new details on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character have been recently revealed by Game Informer. As expected, Miles will come with superhuman strength as well as web shooting and electric powers.

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Superhuman strength, speed, and stamina; wall-crawling; near-invisibility camouflage; spider-sense; bio-electrokinetic shock

Game Abilities

Web Shooter: Miles releases multiple web blasts in front of him. Players can tap the attack button to produce more web attacks.

Surprise Strike: Miles turns invisible then closes in on enemies to strike with a burst of electricity.

Venom Strike: Miles drives both fists into the ground and releases a large sphere of electric energy in an area attack.

High Voltage Lines: Miles shoots a barrage of electrified webs at groups of enemies in front of him.

The character's play style in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has also been detailed.


Miles is a very acrobatic character. Most of his powers center on his ability to unleash electrical attacks, which stun or paralyze foes. As an agile hero, Miles can quickly dart across the battlefield and help offer support wherever it's needed. Like the rest of the Spider-Family, Miles can swing across the environment with his webs.

Earlier this week, some new footage emerged online, showcasing the opening sequence of the game as well as characters and more.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will sport not only the most popular Marvel superheroes but also plenty of other interesting features like co-op, multiple control schemes, and more


  • Marvel Dream Teams – Assemble your dream team of Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe, each with their unique superpowers.
  • New Heroes – The Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and more join the “Ultimate Alliance” for the first time.
  • Original Story – Super Heroes and Super Villains battle Thanos and The Black Order across the Marvel Universe in this new original story.
  • Local and Online Multiplayer – The game can be played offline or online* with up to 4 players** on a single screen or using multiple systems.
  • Heroic Camera – In addition to the series’ traditional perspective, players can also select a dynamic, zoomed-in view, allowing for a more immersive play style for single-player or multiplayer when using multiple systems.
  • Multiple ways to play – Play with the Joy-Con™ controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 launches this July exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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