Marvel Games Wants To Gain Respect in The Industry with Good Titles


After the D23 presentation, Marvel fans were left with a good taste while seeing their commitment to the development of video games involving their most popular characters. As an example is Spider-Man, exclusive to PS4 and developed by Insomniac, and additionally the new IP that is in the hands of Square Enix and related to The Avengers. Recently, the executive creative director for Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, revealed few insights about the new approach of the organization to gain recognition in the video game industry.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Bill Rosemann (creative director of Marvel Games) talked about the company's new phase that stands out for looking for great productions that meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers and meet the elements of an AAA game. At the beginning, the executive considered that the new approach of Marvel Games originated with the internal changes that placed Jay Ong as head of the division, Mike Jones as executive producer and Rosemann as the link between comics and video games.

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Later, Rosemann revealed that his first act with the new team responsible for Marvel Games was to decide the direction of the development of the games, whether based on movies or television series or the story in the comics: "We all assembled and took a step back, ‘What’s our philosophy on games?’ And the decision was, ‘Hey, making adaptations of either TV shows or movies in a video game is really hard to do.’ You’re trying to hit a window, you’re trying to make something that’s being made at the same time — if you’re trying to do an adaptation of a film and the rough [draft is] still being created, you’re never going to be able to capture that experience. "

In this way, Marvel Games decided that the next video games would start from the stories present in the comics but only as inspiration, not strictly. In that sense, Rosemann referred to the work that is being done today with Spider-Man for PlayStation 4: "Let’s not try of make and adaptation of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Let’s make the best Spider-Man game we can. And we’ll release it when it’s ready."

Finally, the director of Marvel Games mentioned that the commitment of the division is such that it will only contemplate working with studios or companies that want to be very successful and share their vision: "We only want to work with partners who want to hit a grand slam ... partners who have the passion and the commitment and the love for the characters. Once we align on all that we allow each partner to put their stamp on the game and own the game."

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