Mario Strikers: Battle League Third Free Update Brings Birdo and Bowser Jr.

Ule Lopez
Mario Strikers: Battle League

So, we've got some news in the Mario Strikers: Battle League front. Unfortunately, this may be the news of the last free update that the game will receive. This is the third free major update that brings characters like Birdo and Bowser Jr. to the fray while adding new gear and a new stadium.

The tweet by Nintendo of America that announces this upcoming release can be seen below:

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Bowser Jr. is a balanced player, while Birdo is more focused on offense. The Shellfish Gear allows you to improve your Speed and Technique stats. You can still customize the new characters to suit your needs as you play on the Urban Rooftop stage, which takes place in a futuristic town. The Urban Rooftop stage has three different themes, but two of them are locked.

Now, we state that this may be the last free update in Mario Strikers: Battle League because of a tweet made by the same company in the UK. According to Nintendo UK, this third wave of content is going to be the last one. Meaning that no new free updates are planned to be released for this game after this one. Now, this could mean that the game may get paid DLC down the road, but maybe it's going to be kept as is.

Unfortunately, this seems like it'll be a very lackluster finale for Mario Strikers: Battle League. However, it's still possible that we may see new characters coming to the game. After all, there are still some leftover character slots in the game files suggesting upcoming character reveals. I wouldn't hold my breath for any new characters to be brought in, or at least not for free though.

Still, we'll report on any new updates for the game as they come. Make sure to stay tuned for them. Mario Strikers: Battle League is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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