Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Subscribers Can Now Enroll in the Multiplayer Beta

Some time ago, we stumbled upon hints of Nintendo wanting to introduce a multiplayer mode in its Mario Kart Tour title. The game, like many others such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, has a monthly battle pass system. That, combined with copious amounts of microtransactions, hasn't gone down well with fans of the franchise.

To make matters worse, Nintendo announced that the proposed multiplayer mode would be available only for users who bought the monthly Gold Pass. A Gold Pass costs $4.99 per month and lets you play 200cc races, special Gold Challenges and the chance to obtain Gold Gifts. You can try it out for three days before committing to a purchase.

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The Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta starts today and will run until December 26th. You can sign up for the beta using this link. Since the game mode is still under testing,  the gameplay will be less than ideal. Some of the problems you might face include dropped connections, freezes, and input lag.

Furthermore, multiplayer save data generated during the Mario Kart Tour beta will not get saved. Nintendo further adds that playing this beta test may cause your device's battery to drain faster than normal and cause it to operate at slightly higher temperatures.

Based on the Tweet's responses, it doesn't look like a lot of players are fond of Mario Kart Tour's new game mode. The races seem to be unbalanced primarily due to the inclusion of Frenzy and three item slots. Hopefully, Nintendo takes note of this and make the necessary corrections in the final release.

Speaking of the final release, Nintendo has been fairly tight-lipped about its timing. It shouldn't be very long, considering that the beta program lasts for all of seven days. Let's hope that Nintendo doesn't lock the highly-awaited multiplayer mode behind a paywall.

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