Massive Mantis Burn Racing Update Adds Console/PC Crossplay But Not Between PS4/XO

Aernout van de Velde
mantis burn racing update crossplay

Developer VooFoo Studios has released a large Mantis Burn Racing update on all platforms, which adds crossplay between different platforms, improves loading times and performance, and much more.

Those hoping for crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One will be disappointed as the update only allows crossplay between PS4/PC, and Xbox One/PC. On Twitter, VooFoo studios reiterated that Sony still doesn’t allow playing sessions between PS4 and Xbox One. “No”, the studio tweeted when asked about PS4/XO crossplay. “Sony don't currently allow cross play between PS4 and Xbox.”

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In addition to crossplay, the update offers visual garage enhancements, improved loading times, bug fixes, and performance improvements. You can find the full release notes down below:

• Comprehensive improvements in usability and performance during online play

• Improved loading times

• Vehicle collision improvements and bug fixes

• AI driven vehicles now use their boost more intelligently

• Added upgrade on/off information to Weekly Challenge

• New ‘Random Event’ option for online races

• New ‘Great’, ‘Amazing’ and ‘Awesome’ Sector XP rewards replace ‘Clean Sector’

• Track name and map shown during loading

• Gear Challenges now turn red as soon as they are failed

• Garage appearance tweaks • General performance improvements

• (PlayStation Only) 1p Vs. 1p and Team Vs. Team Tournaments now supported

• Cross play allowing online players to connect with players on other platforms

• Added the ability to adjust HDR brightness on HDR enabled TV’s

• General bug fixes

Mantis Burn Racing is available now for PC (through Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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