Make Cleaning Effortless with Roborock S5 Max – Officially Released in the US with Exclusive Discount

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Roborock announced its latest Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner this September. The product went on sale last month in Europe and has been selling like hot cakes! The company has now officially released Roborock S5 Max in the United States, allowing users to conveniently get their hands on this model through Amazon.

Roborock S5 Max is the latest from a stream of models that Roborock has been releasing for the past two years. Roborock has definitely upped its mopping game in this latest model. While previous generations did offer sweep and mop, S5 Max does a bit more by allowing you to set no-mop zones and customize water flow and suction for the different areas of your home. Just like previous models, the Roborock S5 Max is an excellent choice for both hard floors and carpeted surfaces.

Roborock announces S5 Max smart vacuum cleaner for $599.99 (discounted price: $539.99)

"This next-generation robotic home vacuum and mop is designed to provide seamless automated mopping that gives homes well-vacuumed, just-mopped floors every day," Roborock writes. "By combining an electric water tank with precision laser mapping and advanced navigation, Roborock is allowing users to select from a range of customization options including water flow, suction power, scheduled cleaning and even the room cleaning sequence."

"We know consumers today are looking for convenience," Simon Wan, Roborock co-founder and vice president said. "From meal delivery to cleaning, they seek options that come with the touch of a button. The voice-enabled S5 Max gives users a very comprehensive robotic cleaning experience, with vacuum and mop features that can be intuitively scheduled from the app, providing truly convenient and effortless home cleaning that can be done from anywhere."

Potentially the best thing about S5 Max is its tank size. You don't have to fill it for every mopping session as the extra-large water tank size means you can have mopped floors day after day. There are also three levels of water flow to help you tailor mopping for different floors. Roborock S5 Max has a "specialized fan spinning at 1500rpm, channeling its airflow through carefully designed pathways." Apparently this suction process is so strong that it can lift even AA batteries!

Head over to Amazon to get it for a discount at just $539.99 until December 20.

Bringing ease and automation to cleaning and mopping: Roborock S5 Max highlights

  • High-Capacity Water Tank: The S5 Max will hold enough water to mop a 700 sq. ft.
    apartment three times or a 2,000 sq. ft. home in one go.
  • Spring-Loaded Mop: Constant pressure on different floor surfaces for consistent mopping
    from start to finish.
  • Precision Water Management: Users can select the best amount of water to be used for
    mopping different rooms and floor types, ensuring an optimal mopping experience.
  • Total Water Shutoff: Water does not drip when the vacuum is docked, so the robot can
    remain filled up and ready for the next mop.
  • No Mop Zones: Virtual no-mop zones automatically activate when the mop pad is attached,
    allowing users to schedule cleanings without worrying about soaking the carpet.
  • High-Precision Laser Navigation: System scans the room at 300RPM, creating real-time
    maps of the home.
  • Powerful Suction: Can pick up the toughest dirt as heavy as AA batteries, even with a full
  • Intuitive Recharging: When cleaning larger spaces, the S5 Max will calculate how much
    space remains to be cleaned and returns to the dock to top up enough power to finish,
    rather than needing to fully recharge each time.

Get the Roborock S5 Max this holiday season and enjoy the gift of having clean floors. Do it now at a discount!

Ethics disclaimer: This is a paid-for, sponsored post. We do not collect any commission on sales.

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